Club Shoyu 64oz


Welcome to Club Shoyu Brewery, Inc.  The product maker of Club Shoyu soy sauce.  We have offered this soy sauce to Island residents for many years and now we are making it available for mail order purchase.

Our Shoyu soy sauce is used for cooking, BBQ and Teriyaki as well as a marinade for smoking and as a condiment for sushi.  We are proud of our popular Shoyu soy sauce and look forward to having you try this full body, flavored soy sauce.

Soy sauce originated in China sometime in the 2nd century BC and its use later spread to East and Southeast Asia.Like many salty condiments, soy sauce was probably originally a way to stretch salt, historically an expensive commodity. In ancient China, fermented fish with salt was used as a condiment in which soybeans were included during the fermentation process. Eventually, this was replaced and the recipe for soy sauce, jiangyou (酱油), using soybeans as principal ingredient, with fermented fish-based sauces developing separately into fish sauce.[7]


Records of the Dutch East India Company list soy sauce as a commodity in 1737, when seventy-five large barrels were shipped from Dejima, Japan, to Batavia (present-day Jakarta) on the island of Java. Thirty-five barrels from that shipment were then shipped to the Netherlands.[8] In the 18th century, Isaac Titsingh published accounts of brewing soy sauce. Although earlier descriptions of soy sauce had been disseminated in the West, this was among the earliest to focus specifically on the brewing of the Japanese version.[9] By the mid-19th century, the Japanese soy sauce gradually disappeared from the European market, and soy sauce became synonymous with the Chinese product.[10] Europeans were unable to make soy sauce because they did not understand the function of Aspergillus oryzae, the fungus used in its brewing.[10]

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